How many users can be connected to one simulator at the same time?

There can only be one user manipulating the simulator at the same time.

How can I acquire KNX Simulator?

KNX Simulator is marketed by individual licences for use. The validity of these licences for use lasts 30 days (720 hours), which are uninterrupted from the moment you buy it onwards.

Do I need a licence to install KNX simulator?

You can install and run KNX Simulator in all computers you want, but you will need the login details that you will be given after acquiring the licence and Internet connection to enter the simulation room.

What type of simulation does the KNX Simulator carry out?

KNX Simulator will do its utmost so that the behaviour of your virtual devices bears the greatest resemblance to real KNX electrical devices. However, we cannot ensure that both behaviours are identical.

What KNX simulated applications will be possible to carry out?

Currently (0.7.3), we have devices which will allow you to carry out complete practices of light switching on/off , lightning dimming, movement and positioning of different types of blinds, create areas and lines, amplify line segments and memorize scenes. Everything you do can be controlled from KNX mobile applications in the market (paid and free).

Can simulations of conventional installations be carried out?

Currently (0.7.3) it is possible to create projects of conventional electrical installations to turn on/off light bulbs (series and/or parallel) and to move different types of motorised blinds.

What simulated devices will I be able to practise with?

Currently (0.7.3) we have at your disposal: switch actuator - 4 gang, universal dimming actuator - 4 gang, switching/blind actuator - 4 gang, universal push-button - 2 gang, coupler (line, area, repeater), power supplies, switches and standard push switches of one and two gang rockers, power generators, circuit breakers, electrical connectors, light bulbs, blinds (awnings, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, blinds, venting louvre), bus cable and electrical wiring.

Which are the manufacturers of the simulated devices?

Currently (0.7.3), our KNX virtual devices simulate Jung manufacturer's behaviour, but we will be introducing new manufacturers. Conventional electrical equipment virtual devices are generic, they do not coincide with any specific brand.

Is KNX Simulator compatible with ETS5 software?

Of course! From the perspective of the user, there is practically no difference between a real remote installation and one made with KNX Simulator, so the configuration and commissioning of KNX Simulator virtual devices must be carried out by using ETS5.

Is it necessary to have an ETS5 licence?

The ETS5 software has a free Demo version to create and open projects of up to 5 KNX devices which require programming. Therefore, to create and open projects with more than 5 KNX devices it is necessary to have a licence (Professional, Lite or Supplementary).

Is there a limit of virtual devices that can be used in KNX Simulator?

Currently (0.7.3), it is possible to work on projects (create, save and load) with up to 120 virtual devices in each of them. Among these, a total of 20 can be KNX virtual devices which require programming downloading from the ETS (actuators, push-buttons, couplers); the other 100 can be from KNX power supplies to conventional electrical equipment (switches, push switches, power generators, circuit breakers, electrical connectors, light bulbs and blinds).

Is it possible to uptade KNX Simulator?

Yes, it is. There is a roadmap from the output version 0.5.1 and the updates will be automatic, without additional costs.

Which are the requirements regarding hardware and software (OS) which KNX Simulator needs?

Minimun requirements are:

  • From Windows 8.1 onwards
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • From Athlon 2 X2 3GHz
  • Graphics card with 1GB GPU
  • Recommended requirements are:

  • 16 GB of RAM
  • From CORE i5 onwards
  • Graphics card witth 2GB GPU
  • Which Internet speed does the KNX Simulator need?

    At least, it is necessary a 10Mb ADSL connection, although 20Mb would be more recomendable.

    Is KNX Simulator a software by KNX Association?

    No, it isn't. KNX Simulator is a simulation software/tool by an independent business which is based on the open worldwide KNX standard.
    However, KNX Simulator is a KNX Association member.

    Is KNX Simulator a KNX official training platform?

    No, it isn't. KNX Simulator is a simulation software/tool which will enable you to learn and/or strengthen your knowledge on the KNX standard exclusively through practice. However, we facilitate resources so that you get the most out of the simulation time through practice guides step by step, simulation examples (.ks files), links to videos, etc.

Do I get any type of official certification with KNX Simulator?

No, you don't. If you want to obtain a KNX official certification after the practical learning offered by our simulator, you should go to one of the KNX Association certified training centres and do one of their official courses.

Is it necessary to have a KNX official certificate to carry out real installations with KNX?

A KNX official certificate is not necessary to carry out installations with KNX devices.

Is there a demo of KNX Simulator?

We do not have a demo version at your disposal yet, but you can take a look at our Galery to check all KNX Simulator functionalities.

How do I solve doubts about the functioning of KNX virtual components during simulations?

You will find a shortcut to the product's file in the manufacturer's official web-site in each of the simulated virtual KNX devices. By using these links you will be able to download the installation guides, programming guides, application software, etc.

How do I solve doubts about the general functioning of KNX Simulator during simulations?

There will be at your disposal funcionting guides, databases with installation and commissioning FAQs, access to our Discord channel -platform to exchange simulated installation files(.ks)- and documents of all types.

How do I know how many simulation time I have before my licence validity use finishes?

There is a simulation days counter at your disposal, which will be dicreasing every 24 hours.

Is it possible to increase the simulation time in KNX Simulator?

You can obtain and renew your KNX Simulator licence for use (30 days/720 hours, uninterrupted) whenever you want. It is not a monthly subscription.